The Trust aims to provide financial/ medical/ educational/ general aid and relief. It seeks to enhance the quality of systemic development of disaster prevention and preparedness.

Financial Assistance

The Trust will provide monthly sustenance or loans or set up endowments to relieve economic and social hardships, and enable to rebuild the life of the beneficiary.

Medical Assistance

The Trust will provide financial help for medical treatment, counselling, guidance, and aid to restore physical and emotional health of the beneficiary.

Educational Assistance

The Trust will provide tuition fees, and or all expenses related to education.

General Assistance

The Trust will make universal provisions for the general welfare of its beneficiaries, providing any aid or assistance, financial or otherwise, that the beneficiaries may need to get back and live a normal life.

Systemic Development

The Trust will support various stakeholders to enhance the quality of their disaster prevention and management preparedness.